Manna Lotion

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Dosage/size 300mg, 30mg - $8.49

Manna’s proprietary nanoemulsion lotion absorbs into the skin, delivering CBD directly into the bloodstream for maximum bioavailability, quick onset, and a discreet experience. Moisturize as you dose.

The skin is the body’s natural barrier. Manna™ Lotion is an ideal way to deliver cannabinoids into the bloodstream by passing through the skin barrier safely and discreetly. Our nanoemulsion formulation contains cannabinoids coated in emulsifying ingredients suspended in a water medium. We developed a lotion formula with a specially selected combination of permeation enhancers to help cannabinoids pass through the skin. Once passed the epidermis, the cannabinoids are absorbed by the capillaries into the bloodstream and distributed throughout the body, resulting in one of the most effective cannabinoid delivery methods.

Inside the science

Manna Lotion’s formula gives you a more enjoyable, discreet, cost-effective, and healthier high. Unlike inhalation or ingestion delivery methods, Manna Lotion discretely enters the bloodstream to create a more enjoyable, relaxing, and looser cannabis experience. Compared to ingestion and inhalation methods, our lotion allows more cannabinoids to be absorbed and not wasted, meaning you pay less for a more effective high.