MannaSX Vella

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Vella™ is designed by scientists to enhance feminine sexual pleasure, because science and sex are all about experimentation. Vella is a proprietary liposomal nanoencapsulation formulation developed with maximum cannabinoid bioavailability for smooth-muscle relaxation and increased blood flow for women.

Vella is condom compatible, paraben free, and scientifically tested.

See lab profile here.

Cannabis now deserves a place in the bedroom. It has long been noted that THC will increase desire and sexual activity, particularly in low doses. Manna Molecular has demonstrated that vaginal and clitoral smooth muscle that control arousal will relax in response to CBD, with higher doses producing a greater effect. This relaxation increases blood flow resulting in clitoral engorgement and vaginal lubrication. Manna is the first and only team of scientists to measure scientifically the effect of CBD application to female genitalia and to create a formula to aid in sexual function.

Inside the science

In 2019, Manna’s scientists conducted pre-clinical tests on the effect of CBD on smooth muscle tissue, using isolated organ bath studies. The results provide for the first time an unexpected, novel peripheral pharmacological effect of CBD on vaginal smooth muscle, which appears independent of hormonal status. CBD showed a significant relaxant effect on smooth muscle, a pre-indication of orgasm. Moreover, the lab results indicated that this relaxation response is dose dependent.

MannaSX™ Vella™ is a liposomal nanoencapsulation formulation composed of large, fusogenic liposomes with high bioavailability. Our formulation efficiently delivers the right level of cannabinoids to achieve the same success we have seen in the lab.

We’ve found that some individuals want to use a CBD formulation to improve arousal and orgasm, while others want CBD with a low dose of THC to improve desire, arousal, and orgasm. Manna offers both Vella™ THC/CBD and hemp-derived CBD only products depending on your cannabis comfort level.



Directions: Apply to outer vaginal area, including inner labia and clitoris, 15 minutes before sexual activity. Practice safe sex.

Ingredients: Hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD), phospholipids, thickener, propanediol, preservatives, vitamin C, sodium ascorbate, water.

Recommended dosage: 20mg

Onset: 15-45 minutes
Offset: 1-2 hours


“The lotion feel is so nice and kept me wet without having to reapply. For anyone who has trouble getting wet, this would be the first thing I would recommend.”

—Tara, 26, Providence, RI

“The most recent time I used Vella truely gave me one of the top 5 orgasms of my life. My partner very much looks forward to making me orgasm in that special way that Vella allows.”

—Olivia, 26, Boston, MA

“Being able to orgasm with a partner near-by has always been a struggle for me, but when I was using Vella not only did I find it much easier to be able to reach orgasm, but the orgasm I had was incredible.”

—Laina, 24, Worcester, MA

“Vella made my orgasms much longer and intense than I have ever experienced before!”

—Elise, 27, Worcester, MA